A Beginner’s Guide to Cryptocurrency MLM Affiliate Programs

In this day and age, almost everyone has heard of cryptocurrencies and most people are familiar with the rise of Bitcoin. When the digital currency was first launched, some people invested in Bitcoin and held onto it until the recent boom. Those who did, ended up with a high return on their investment and got a huge payout. Since then, a lot more cryptocurrencies have been launched. Nowadays, many people are looking for more opportunities to make money from the crypto ecosystem and not necessarily from trading or investing in cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency MLM affiliate programs are certainly a viable option.   

In this article, we explore the pure form of MLM and not the pyramid Ponzi schemes and scams often associated with the concept of MLM. So, let’s dive into what cryptocurrency MLM affiliate programs are, how they work, and how you can make money. 

What is Multi-Level Marketing?

There are different types of marketing strategies. Each has its benefits in the long and short term. Businesses can choose the marketing style that suits their needs. Multi-level marketing or MLM involves a non-salaried workforce. The workforce earns money only when they sell the products or services of the MLM service or company, or when they recruit more people to join the distribution chain. Companies benefit greatly from MLM marketing as they don’t have to pay the affiliate marketers until they get results. 

What are MLM Affiliate Programs?

Affiliate programs are often quite simple. You may have already seen affiliate marketing on social media for example, where people share a discount code or link. The affiliate makes money when a consumer uses their code or link to make a purchase. 

But affiliate marketing can also be conducted in different ways. Multi-level marketing can be combined with affiliate marketing to get maximum profits for the company. In MLM affiliate programs, affiliates not only promote products or services to the consumer but also have the opportunity to recruit other affiliates. They make money not only by bringing traffic to the company’s site or increasing sales but also by increasing the number of affiliates. 

How do Cryptocurrency MLM Affiliate Programs Work?

Cryptocurrency brokers and exchanges want investors to use their services for trading and investing. Due to the rise in popularity of cryptocurrencies, more and more brokerage services, exchanges, and other crypto services and products have come onto the scene. As a result, investors have a hard time deciding who they should sign up with. Cryptocurrency brokers use different methods to promote their network and to attract new traders and investors. 

Through cryptocurrency MLM affiliate programs, cryptocurrency brokers can get more web traffic to their sites from affiliates who have good traffic. A blogger with a cryptocurrency blog is the ideal choice for cryptocurrency brokers. They need someone that prospective clients find reliable and trustworthy. If this person (site) recommends something, people will certainly be more willing to spend their money on it. 

But in cryptocurrency MLM affiliate marketing, the affiliate is not just promoting the services of the broker but also aims to bring in new affiliates. When these new affiliates generate new business for the broker or exchange, the original affiliate who introduced the second affiliate also earns a commission. In the world of affiliate marketing, this is often referred to as a multi-tier affiliate program.  Algo-Affiliates has one of the most popular cryptocurrency MLM affiliate programs geared towards people who want to generate sizeable profits. 

The more affiliates you recruit who bring in new business, the more money you will make. This will create a chain of affiliates who will both bring in more profits and new recruits. 

How Does Commission Work in Cryptocurrency MLM Affiliate Programs? 

There are different commission options in all kinds of affiliate programs. Affiliates can opt for a program with a commission option that suits them. But choosing the right commission option isn’t enough. You need a program that pays its affiliates well and has a high conversion rate. If clicks don’t convert into sales, the affiliate won’t be able to make money. 

These are the three main types of commission structures in cryptocurrency MLM affiliate programs:


  • CPA 


With cost per acquisition or CPA, you get rewarded every time you refer a trader. This is a one-time commission paid for bringing in a trader. The amount of the commission can depend on a number of factors. For instance, if an affiliate brings in a trader or investor from the US, they will get paid more as compared to the amount they will earn if they bring in an investor from an emerging market. 

Some affiliate programs attach further conditions to the CPA. For instance, a minimum percentage of an investment from the investor or a minimum first deposit amount is required before the affiliate qualifies for a commission. 


  • Revenue Share


In cryptocurrency MLM affiliate programs, this type of commission has to do with the revenue of the broker. Brokers share a percentage of their revenue with the affiliate program, who in turn share this with the affiliates who referred the respective customers. How the revenue is calculated will vary from program to program. 

Revenue share is not ideal for affiliates who need to generate immediate cash flow. With revenue share, affiliates will have to wait for a while when getting started for their monthly commissions to build up, whereas, with CPA, you earn more upfront. However, just remember that CPA is a once-off, and revenue share is ongoing, which means long term, you can stand to make a lot more money with revenue share. 


  • Lot Rebate 


The commission in lot rebate is directly linked to the trading volume of the client. The bigger the volume, the more an affiliate will make. Affiliates will benefit from the continuous trading of clients. But the commissions can vary depending on various factors like coin pairs. Lot rebate can bring in a lot of money for an affiliate, but only if they can find good quality, high-value clients. It is also quite time-consuming. Affiliates will have to wait for their clients to keep making trades. So, lot rebate is not always a good commission choice for affiliates who want to make quick bucks. 

Are Cryptocurrency MLM Affiliate Programs and Cryptocurrency Affiliate Marketing Different? 

They are essentially different sides of the same coin. They are similar but have some differences. However, affiliate programs are much less complicated than MLM. Every business needs reliable affiliates with a good reputation. So, when it comes to affiliate selection, companies go through the information of each candidate and choose the ones that can bring in the most profits. But in MLM, companies don’t pay as much attention to the recruitment process because it’s a numbers game, and the more affiliates driving traffic, the more potential revenues. Anyone can join the workforce. As long as they can increase sales and bring in new marketers, they will be benefitting the company. 

Cryptocurrency MLM affiliate programs not only need you to bring in investors but also to recruit new affiliates. You will have to work on increasing your site traffic and creating quality content to attract new investors for the broker, but you will also have to search for more affiliates to join the program. 

How Can You Promote Your Campaign in Cryptocurrency MLM Affiliate Programs?

Once you have joined one of the cryptocurrency MLM affiliate programs, the next step will be to start promoting the broker or brokerage firms. You can accomplish this task in a number of ways. Here are some ways to promote a cryptocurrency broker or cryptocurrency products:

1. Your Website

The best way to promote cryptocurrency brokers is through your own website. If you have a blog dedicated to cryptocurrency or trading in general, then you can begin promoting a broker in your posts easily without driving away your traffic. The more informative your posts are, the easier it will be for you to attract readers and make them click the link to the broker’s website. 

2. Search Engine Ranking

To be a successful marketer, you will want to boost your rankings in search engines such as Google. The more you focus on optimizing the content, the easier it will be to direct new investors to the broker. By using SEO (search engine optimization) techniques, you can make your website show up in visible results when people search for cryptocurrency trading information. In general, organic traffic from SEO is often more qualified and higher quality which results in more conversions and commissions. 

3. Social Media Websites

You can’t go wrong with social media websites because that’s where people spend a lot of their time. You can join cryptocurrency groups on Facebook and start sharing your posts there. You can also use Twitter and Reddit for promoting your website or the broker directly. But it is important to create engaging posts and not spam groups. Avoid doing the things that you hate in social media advertisements. 

How Do I Know Which Cryptocurrency MLM Affiliate Programs Are Good?

Online trading and cryptocurrencies can be very complex. The GameStop controversy showed us that people can make money through trading but they can also lose it just as easily if they are not careful. This is why people need reliable cryptocurrency brokers if they are to invest their money. 

Here are the things you need to check before joining one of the cryptocurrency MLM affiliate programs or networks: 

1. Commission

Affiliate marketers earn commissions, which is why it should be one of your first priorities when choosing an affiliate program. A good cryptocurrency affiliate program would offer generous commissions to its affiliates. Take the example of Algo-Affiliates, which is trusted by affiliates and pays excellent commissions to their marketers. Similarly, reliable MLM cryptocurrency affiliate programs also ensure that their partners end up getting a considerable amount. 

2. Regular Payments

You wouldn’t want to collaborate with any such cryptocurrency MLM affiliate programs where payments are always inaccurate or never paid on time. Affiliates work hard to generate leads and they deserve to be paid on time. Cryptocurrency MLM affiliate programs that pay on time motivate their affiliates to work even harder in the future. 


  • Tracking of Your Leads


Some cryptocurrency MLM affiliate programs don’t keep accurate track of every lead generated by their affiliates. As a result, affiliates lose out on hard-earned money. Before joining a program, you should make sure that they have an excellent tracking system. With a good tracking system, they can keep track of your performance and pay you every penny that you have earned. 


  • Providing Marketing Tools


The majority of cryptocurrency MLM affiliate programs expect the affiliates to do all the work. They don’t pay any attention to optimization or make use of marketing tools. But a good cryptocurrency affiliate program will know the usefulness of marketing tools. They will give you access to marketing tools such as banners, landing pages, optimization tools, analytics, and more. With the help of these marketing tools, not only will you be able to optimize your campaigns to bring in more investors, but also increase your earnings. 

Are Cryptocurrency MLM Affiliate Programs for Everyone?

As an affiliate, you can connect people who want to make money with brokers. Now, you may be wondering whether you can succeed in cryptocurrency MLM affiliate programs or not. So, let’s break it down. You don’t need any special knowledge of cryptocurrencies and crypto trading to become an affiliate for a broker. As long as you know the basics, you can create engaging content for your readers and guide them to the broker. However, the more you know and the more value you can add for your viewers, the greater your odds of success. 

You should also know the basics of affiliate marketing. If you don’t understand how affiliate marketing works, you won’t be able to become a successful affiliate yourself. However, there’s no need to panic because learning about affiliate marketing is not impossible. There’s plenty of material available online that can teach you all about cryptocurrency affiliate programs. Once you have understood the basics, you can start looking for cryptocurrency MLM affiliate programs. You can sign up for one that ticks all the right boxes. A top choice would be Algo-Affiliates.  

What Are the Pros and Cons of Cryptocurrency MLM Affiliate Programs? 

You should not put your hands into something before you have a solid understanding of it. Here are some pros and cons of cryptocurrency MLM affiliate programs:


  • Cryptocurrency MLM affiliate programs will continue to make profits because of the popularity of cryptocurrencies. 
  • You can make money by recommending a cryptocurrency MLM affiliate network or program to other people too. 
  • Since it is multi-level marketing, you will earn money each time an affiliate you brought into the program brings in new clients. 


    • Many multi-level marketing schemes turn out to be a scam. 
    • Due to their poor reputation, people avoid joining MLM programs, so you may have a hard time recruiting affiliates. 


  • If you join the cryptocurrency MLM affiliate program of a broker who is not reliable, you won’t be able to bring in a lot of investors. 


The Bottom Line 

This guide gives you a big picture of all the important factors you would need to know about cryptocurrency MLM affiliate programs. If you are thinking about joining or partnering up with such a platform or network, then Algo-Affiliates should be your first option. 

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