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A reliable source of passive income awaits you, cash your scrolling time!

  • Are you hunting for reliable get-paid-to-app?
  • Is the current passive income not fulfilling your basic needs?
  • Do you want to make out of your scrolling hours on the web too?

Worry not, as adgatemedia flash rewards are on their way to serve as your dream finance saviour. 

The quick and easy play-to-earn flash rewards are winning the hearts of hundreds of consumers. Due to their accessibility, high success rates, and above all loyalty wrapped under legal principle conduction, the application is spreading with flying colours. 

All you need to do is to sit back in your favourite bean bag, sign in to the flash rewards app, answer certain surveys/quizzes and get a jackpot on your name. Plus, the rewarded points are now redeemed and are accessible through Visa, Nintendo, and Amazon. 

Flash Rewards – The Technical Details 

  • Latest Version: 1.0.88
  • Compatibility model: Android 5.0+
  • Available on: Get Flash Rewards on Google Play
  • Category: Free Entertainment App
  • Storage: 34MB

Quick Signup Guide

The easiest signup process to witness includes the following steps; 

  • Hop on to the main flash rewards app and signup by filling in basic credentials (name, email, and contact details) 
  • A short survey will be waiting for you, fill it out and unlock the magical options. 
  • Now you have to decide the stage of gift card you are willing to ward. Remember that each reward tier has different requirements to match. 

The Legal Regulations To Know 

  • The accessibility of these adgetmedia flash rewards is limited to certain regions but you are free from this worry if you line in U.K., U.S., or Canada. 
  • You must be 18 or above to signup for the flash rewards account. 
  • The system needs an authentic government identification to redeem your earned points. The app asks for a legal identity to proceed with the process of cashing out rewarded points. 

More Details

The application of flash regards is famous for its high-paying, versatile, and genuine shopping offers. The app offers a number of exciting games, quizzes/surveys, or products/services to invest coins in. With mindful actions, you can double the invested amount, in terms of reward points. 

The offers give users a delightful financial as well as a brain-boosting experience. The games, quizzes, and services are the core reasons that have made users addicted to them while real rewards are there to gain customers’ trust. 

How Flash Rewards Function?

  • After the quick signup based on basic credentials like name, contact, and other residential/professional details, the ground is all yours to explore. 
  • Flash rewards, the in-app currency allow users to gain coins after playing games or completing some shopping offers. 
  • The points can be redeemed once the contact number is confirmed. Be aware that you are having an active sim card. 
  • The points can be redeemed in terms of gift cards of versatile cash prices and prepaid visa cards.
  • An android phone with a 5.0 version is the most preferable specification as the app takes 34MB, reflecting it’s not a storage-eater app.  
  • The flash rewards app offers a quite lucrative range of coins between $50 to $75+, once you have completed the given commands. 
  • Once you have gathered a total of 5k+ coins worth $5, you are good to redeem it or cash out in layman’s language.  

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Why Adgate media Flash Rewards? 

Easy-To-Earn Offers 

The main distinctive feature of flash rewards is that it rewards users on the time invested. So you are actually cashing all your invested time. The coins are not restricted to certain offers but rather given on how long one has played and used the app. 

Extra Special Offers 

Who doesn’t want to feel extra special and taken care of? Don’t worry, the flash rewards app has heard your heart’s voice. Exclusive promotions for online subscriptions and games offer extra coins. Therefore, the higher the useability rate, the greater the chances of attaining coins for unveiling bigger gift cards. 

The Pool Of Gift Cards 

The versatile range of gift cards offered by flash rewards includes; 

  • Amazon gift cards
  • Blizzard gift cards
  • Playstation store credit
  • Nike gift cards
  • Prepaid Visa cards
  • Starbucks gift cards


The redemption rate is $5.

Routine Content Updates For End Users

The developers behind the flash reward app are continuously thriving to bring up exciting games for creating unbreakable user engagement. 

There is always an update for extra coins, promotions, and brand gift cards such as Nike, Amazon, Visa, Starbucks, and other renowned brand chains. 

So you always have another reason to check back and get surprised to see something new! 

  • Obtain gift cards for some of the most popular companies.
  • There’s no fee associated with using Flash Rewards. 
  • There are no limits or caps placed on the number of offers that can be completed.
  • Get rewarded for using your phone to engage in activities such as video games and using applications.
  • Amazing deals and subscriptions are available for services that you will want to make use of.

Adgetmedia Flash Rewards Affiliate Program

Adgetmedia flash rewards affiliate program gives affiliates an amazing opportunity to earn hefty commissions and provides real-time product feeds, and a powerful, flexible search engine.

With less resources, little time and effort, and no risk, this affiliate program ensures a high return on investment, increased brand recognition, and company expansion.

Who thought you can cash your time spent on the smartphone too? Don’t wait & signup to earn the most out of adgetmedia flash rewards NOW!


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