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‘Produce code. Grab the bananas. Save the planet.’ is the aim of CodeMoneky. They are enabling students and parents to work on the agenda of, ‘All you need in one place.’

CodeMoney is offering classroom management whereas CodeMonkey’s Classroom Dashboard gives you everything you need to manage your students. It has student solutions, automatic grading, and curriculum management. Through engaging activities and a unique mode for teaching as opposed to playing, fully-detailed coding lessons will make it easier for you to teach your classes.

The award-winning online platform CodeMonkey teaches children real coding languages like Python and CoffeeScript. Through an engaging game-like environment, children and teenagers learn text-based and block-based coding. CodeMonkey places a strong emphasis on content that conforms to current standards. Students learn computational thinking, collaboration, reasoning, and logic in addition to coding skills through online challenges and unplugged activities.

Coding now excites millions of CodeMonkey students. CodeMonkey is intended for use in homes, clubs, and schools and does not require prior coding experience to teach. CodeMonkey is helping kids to develop skills for the 21st century. In your ever-evolving world, it’s good for kids to learn the skills they need to be successful in technology. Kids who learn to code acquire important technical skills to help them choose a career or guide their future. Because of this, earning potential and job security are not the only aspects of coding. It also talks about the important life skills that kids learn to code! 

Coding teaches students important skills for the 21st century and prepares them for the future. Coding can be fun and easy to learn. In the future, programming will be the norm. Learning to code gives you control. It opens up a world of possibilities for children’s futures and provides them with the means to realize their ideas and express themselves. 

CodeMonkey has three kinds of courses available:

  • Ready to go Courses
  • Real Coding Courses
  • Game-based Learning Courses

Teachers and parents alike agree that teaching children to code have numerous advantages. In point of fact, most states in the United States have implemented policies that make computer science an essential component of the school curriculum. 

CodeMonkey is teaching an essential skill for the digital age. It is a skill essential to almost every industry in the 21st century. However, programming is more than just interacting with a computer; it also involves learning how to think. As they learn to code, kids develop creativity and self-assurance in addition to important academic and interpersonal skills such as math and writing. Children develop even soft skills like focus, resilience, and communication.

There is a learning path for every student, regardless of age or level, with more than 70 courses that have won awards. 

CodeMonkey -More Information

CodeMonkey is not limited to coding camps and schools. You can learn more about the advantages of CodeMonkey for educators and teachers. You can also join the over 100,000 schools that use CodeMonkey to teach students about coding and meet other educators who enjoy it. CodeMonkey makes teaching coding as simple as 1-2-3. You can always explore the curriculum on this amazing platform.  

  • CodeMonekey advantages for Parents Coding is essential to your day-to-day lives, from automobiles and coffee makers to life-altering developments in medicine, environmental conservation, and space exploration, among other fields. 
  • At CodeMonkey, their self-paced, game-like courses teach kids and teens how to code, and your subscription plans give kids one-on-one coaching. 
  • They guide children of all ages and skill levels toward coding certification. 
  • Their tried-and-true method will make it into Python, Web Development, Data Science, and other real-world fields.
  • Their kid’s programming platform can also be used at home, which is good news for parents who care about STEM education and want their kids to know how to code. 
  • Their online coding classes for students of all ages are a great way for them to acquire the additional STEM skills they will need in the future. 
  • There are individual and family home plans.

Choose the option that will serve your child best.

Children of all ages can benefit greatly from learning to code by honing their ability to think critically and solve problems, as well as by developing the focus and organization necessary to successfully complete projects. There are a plethora of coding resources, including online courses and games, offline learning, in-person coding instruction, and live online tutoring. Children of all ages and skill levels can learn to code with the best coding platforms and programs that make the process enjoyable and exciting. 

CodeMonkey Technology

Technology is present in practically every aspect of your day-to-day life. In order to succeed in school and in the workplace, knowing how to code has become an indispensable skill. By utilizing children of all ages’ capacity to bring their imaginations to life, coding enables them to become technology makers. Coding is a skill that will help kids and teens succeed in school in math, science, and even reading. 

CodeMonkey affiliate offer novel visual coding languages that make programming enjoyable. There is a wide variety of programming education options available! The best approach for your child should be chosen from among apps, websites, camps, live online classes, and individual tutors. 

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Technical Product Details 

CodeMonkey has a learning system for code and classroom management. They offer free webinars, video tutorials, MOOC courses, and full-time PD staff.

Coding Adventure

  • CSTA K-12 

Computer Science Standards

  • LEVEL 1/K-3
  • LEVEL 1/3-6
  • LEVEL 2/6-9
  • LEVEL 3A/9-12
  • LEVEL 3B/9-12

National curriculum in England


CodeMonkey Affiliate Program

One of the best things about CodeMonkey affiliate program is how inexpensive and risk-free it is.

Commission sharing with affiliates is cost-effective since you’ll only pay for outcomes. With this measure in place, you can be certain that you will only be paid a commission if and when a consumer makes a purchase after clicking on your affiliate link or entering your discount code.

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