How to Choose the Highest Paying Affiliate Programs for Cryptocurrency

The crypto markets have been rising steadily over the past year, to the point where everyone wants to invest their money in them. Cryptocurrencies, which have been gaining prominence in the last decade, rallied when other markets were dipping, and reached sky-high values in 2022. By now, you may have already gone through various discussions and coverage on the success of Bitcoin and other digital currencies. In this guide, we will talk about the new opportunities that come with the highest paying affiliate programs for cryptocurrency, and how to select the best one.  

But, before you decide to join any of the highest paying affiliate programs for cryptocurrency, it’s important to understand the basics of affiliate marketing, and of course, the key concepts of cryptocurrencies. 

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing simply refers to a form of marketing in which you, as a publisher/affiliate promote another company’s products via an affiliate program or network. In other words, the affiliate program acts as an intermediary between the merchant and the affiliates. For each sale that is made due to your promotional efforts or through your website, you generate a commission. Thus, the more sales you make, the more you earn. The affiliate program assigns a unique link or ID to each affiliate, which allows for tracking the referrals you send to the merchant. 

What You Should Know About Affiliate Programs for Cryptocurrency 

The world of cryptocurrencies is not as complicated as it may seem and can be quite interesting to follow, especially if you are into emerging assets. Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency that launched in 2009 and since then, thousands of other cryptocurrencies have launched as well. 

If you run a blog or a website centered around cryptocurrencies or finance, joining several of the highest-paying affiliate programs for cryptocurrency could be a great way to monetize your site. 

Increasing Interest in Cryptocurrencies

In April 2022, Bitcoin hit a high of ~$64,000 and despite the volatility and market corrections, it continues to gain more and more interest. For example, El Salvador passed a law, making Bitcoin legal tender and it’s obvious that other countries will follow suit. Companies, such as Tesla, also started to adopt cryptocurrency as a viable payment form for their cars. While they have reconsidered their policy due to environmental concerns, experts continue to be hopeful about the future of these digital assets. 

If you research several cryptocurrencies, you will realize that the buck doesn’t stop with Bitcoin; Ethereum, Litecoin, Cardano, and even Dogecoin are considered to be great investment options. With the right affiliate strategy, you could capitalize on the growing crypto market. 

A Lucrative Market

The potential for conversions currently is huge with many people wanting to find out more about cryptocurrencies. They are also itching to buy. As you partner up with a cryptocurrency affiliate program, you can earn high commissions and increase your yearly or monthly income in a short span of time. 

Becoming an affiliate marketer for cryptocurrencies requires a fair amount of research and effort, but the rewards are well worth it. The process involves finding the best cryptocurrency affiliate programs that have top-quality offers for reputable crypto exchanges and brokers. You will also want to become familiar with the products you will promote, which means getting to know the exchanges and trading platforms. When it comes to selecting a crypto affiliate network to partner with, you want to make sure they have excellent, well-optimized offers, reliable tracking, and a selection of marketing tools to help you generate quality leads. One such example of a cryptocurrency affiliate network is Algo-Affiliates. 

Algo-Affiliates offers marketers the ability to promote a selection of crypt brokers across the world in a variety of languages. Algo-Affiliates has all the marketing materials you need, and all their funnels have been tested and optimized, so you can have confidence that your traffic will convert exceptionally well. When it comes to evaluating commissions, don’t just jump at the highest CPA you see. You should always factor in the conversion rates. It doesn’t help if an offer has a $1,000 CPA if the conversion rate is 3%. You will be better off with a $300 CPA with a 20% conversion rate. 

How Do These Affiliate Cryptocurrency Programs Work? 

The highest paying affiliate programs for cryptocurrency operate in a similar way to those of other products or services. Instead of a physical product, however, you are promoting a crypto exchange or broker. 

The highest paying affiliate programs for cryptocurrency are designed to make it easier for affiliates to collaborate with their affiliate managers so that everyone reaps the rewards. The partners or affiliates can earn a specific amount of money through referral links and by marketing certain cryptocurrencies which people can purchase, trade, or invest in. 

Similarly, the brokers can promote their exchange or trading system through a network of dedicated affiliates with a proven track record. As a marketer, if you want to join an affiliate network for cryptocurrencies, this is what you have to do: 

  • Sign up or register to become a partner. The process requires minimal effort and can only take up to a few minutes. 
  • You will be given access to the affiliate portal, where you can generate your unique links for affiliate marketing. You will also get access to a wide range of promotional materials that you can use to promote the brand or crypto offers.
  • As an affiliate, your goal is to generate traffic and get the maximum number of conversions. The more you convert, the more you earn. 
  • Every time a visitor views the website from your posts and becomes a member of the crypto exchange or broker, you earn a commission. 

Sometimes, the cryptocurrency affiliate program may lead consumers to brokers dealing with CFDs i.e., Contract for Difference. When you direct your leads to a CFD broker, your referrals are able to speculate on the price movements of cryptocurrencies without having to actually purchase the digital assets. This is a highly popular form of crypto trading these days. This is an attractive and profitable option for affiliates in crypto too. Look at it this way: as an affiliate, if you are able to increase the leads trading with CFD brokers or trading systems, you’ll get a cut of the profits as well. The more people that sign up, the great the possibility of conversions.   

Choosing a High Paying Affiliate Program for Cryptocurrency 

It goes without saying that you want to earn the highest commissions possible. However, there are various other factors that should also be considered when selecting an affiliate network to partner with. While you might find affiliate offers with higher CPA commissions; not having access to reliable tracking or quality marketing material, poor conversion rates or late payments will have an impact on how much you actually put in your pocket. 

Here are a few key factors to keep in mind:

It Should be Authentic and Reliable 

In affiliate marketing, you do not want to end up partnering with a program or network that avoids transparency in its dealings and has nothing to show for its reliability. Before choosing any of the highest paying affiliate programs for cryptocurrency, you should make sure that they have a dedicated platform for supporting their affiliates, along with relevant information available through a dashboard. 

This can help you avoid scams and track the success of your campaigns. The affiliate network you choose should offer round-the-clock support and be highly responsive. This is of paramount importance because you never know when you might require their assistance.

It Needs to Have a Suitable Payment Plan 

As a marketer looking to increase your income, you cannot afford to opt for a cryptocurrency affiliate program that doesn’t have a concrete payment plan. For instance, you wouldn’t want to get paid in crypto, as the rates are always fluctuating. 

This could put you at a loss as the value of Bitcoin or Ethereum is always changing and is quite volatile to circumstances. Suppose you earn a commission of $15 one day and the price of cryptocurrency fluctuates, and your translated commission drops to $10 the next day. The network or program may decide to pay you according to the lower rate instead of a fixed rate. This is what you have to avoid as that could prevent a reasonable payout. 

It Should Support Its Affiliates 

Since your payment depends on conversions, you want to look for an affiliate network that gives you the opportunity to boost the conversion ratio. This way, you not only benefit from a higher EPC (earnings per click) but also meet your marketing goals. 

If you take the case of Algo-Affiliates here, the platform offers customized strategies and smart tools that can help you with creating tailored marketing campaigns. This can ultimately help affiliates earn a higher commission and create and market different offers for customers. Above all, you need to find an affiliate program with a responsive support system. Make sure you do your research carefully before you opt for one.

How to Make More Money with Cryptocurrency Affiliate Programs 

If you want to maximize your income with the highest paying affiliate programs for cryptocurrency, you need to follow a clear strategy. While you can find all the details about making money from such networks in this detailed guide, we want to highlight a few important factors that most affiliates tend to miss. 

Type of Commission 

There are usually three types of commissions that affiliate programs for cryptocurrency offer to the marketers based on their performance. These include Cost per Acquisition or CPA, Revenue Share, and Rebate on Trade. The best kind of commission is the one that suits your business and strategy. 

With the CPA, you can get a one-time payout for converting a lead or a referral. With the highest paying affiliate programs for cryptocurrencies, you will find that the requirements to qualify for the commission will vary depending on the offer or the network. The amount also depends on the location of the trader, their deposit amount, or the trades they conduct. Because CPA is a once-off payment, it can be beneficial to affiliates that need cash flow for their marketing or don’t want to be concerned about how long the referral remains trading on the platform.

On the other hand, Revenue Share entails commission given on the earnings of the broker or trading system. So, after the costs of the platform and transaction are deducted, you receive a percentage of the revenue. Usually, affiliate marketers and brokers agree on a varying commission. You need to check this as well. Revenue Share is an excellent way to build a passive revenue stream, which will give you ongoing earnings even when you are not pushing your marketing campaigns. 

Lastly, there is the rebate which allows affiliates to earn commission according to the trading activity. The higher the value of the trades, the bigger your payout. This option is not extremely popular and is also risky because when a large trader stops trading it can have a substantial impact on your earnings. 

Tracking Cookie Expiration

Cookies are simply values stored on the client’s computer. When a visitor clicks on your affiliate link, a cookie is stored on their computer which lets the affiliate network know who referred the client. Each network has different cookie expirations. In most cases, cookies expire in 30 days.

To put it simply, in case a potential lead visits the merchant’s site using your affiliate link and converts into a trader within the 30-day period, you will receive a commission. After that, the cookie expires, so you get nothing. As you can imagine, the longer the cookie window, the higher your chances of increasing your commission.

Learn to Use the Marketing Tools Effectively

This is an especially important factor to consider and can make all the difference in your conversions and payouts. With high-paying affiliate networks, you get access to marketing or promotional tools that boost your marketing and put you in a better position to convert leads. This includes branding materials, access to the latest campaign banners, logos, and other promotional material that you can deck your site with.

Algo-Affiliates makes sure that all of its affiliates have access to the latest branding and promotional material in plenty of languages to increase their chances of conversions. Banner ads, videos, webinars, and optimization strategies are some of the ways that help marketers gain traction and generate quality leads. Learn to use these effectively, and your profits will skyrocket!

The Bottom Line

If you are looking to join one of the highest paying affiliate programs for cryptocurrency, you can’t go wrong with Algo-Affiliates. Algo-Affiliates is a solid and reliable cryptocurrency affiliate network that offers excellent commissions with a strong focus on support and collaboration. Whether you are just starting out with affiliate marketing or a seasoned affiliate, you can’t go wrong with this one!

Join Algo-Affiliates today and monetize your traffic to earn excellent commissions!