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Successful affiliates understand that to achieve success, they need varying sources of traffic and to promote multiple offers. Those offers could be CPA, CPL, CPS, revenue share, etc. However, the one type of offer that is often overlooked and less well-known known is Pay Per Call. In this article, we will explore what Pay Per Call affiliate offers are, how they work, and most importantly, we will take a look at 21 of the Best Pay Per Call affiliate programs

The more adept you are at marketing, the more income you can generate. Whether you own a blog or any other kind of website, it’s important for you to do your research very carefully before joining any affiliate program. Most affiliate programs usually pay a commission when a specific task is achieved. 

In most cases, this is a sale. If you are able to generate a sale for the merchant, you get a commission. These commissions and sales are tracked through dedicated tracking links. You can use these links for marketing purposes in order to track how many commissions you have generated.

Most affiliate marketers use a variety of different tactics in order to generate sales. But, you should know that not all affiliate programs require you to generate a sale. Instead, many also pay a commission based on every lead you generate, or even when a visitor performs a specific action.

For instance, pay per call affiliate programs usually pay affiliates for each quality call that’s generated on behalf of the publisher. Let’s look at pay per call affiliate programs in deeper detail. 

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What is Pay Per Call

Typical affiliate offers involve some sort of link that your traffic will click on and be redirected to a landing page or the merchant’s website. The visitor then takes action on the site by completing a form, making a purchase, etc. With Pay per Call, your aim is to get your traffic to call into a call center, where sales agents then speak directly to the prospect to try to convert your pay per call leads into sales.

What is a Pay Per Call Affiliate Program

What is pay per call affiliate program

Similar to regular affiliate programs, pay per call affiliate programs provide pay per call offers to promote. The affiliate program uses various technologies to track leads and measure conversions, which are then assigned to the affiliate’s account.

Many traditional affiliate programs and networks have pay per call offers in addition to their regular offers. However, there are some dedicated pay per call affiliate networks that focus specifically on pay per call offers.

How Does Pay Per Call Work

The affiliate program or network provides each affiliate with unique phone numbers for each offer (similar to the unique tracking links of regular offers). You then use your marketing channels to promote the offers with your unique phone numbers.

When a potential lead calls the number, it is assigned to your affiliate account just like a regular offer. Then, if the prospect meets the payout criteria of the offer, the commission is allocated to your affiliate account.

Qualifying criteria for Pay Per Call offers can be any or a combination of these:

  1. The prospect spends a certain amount of time on a call with a sales agent.
  2. Prospect provides relevant personal details to be considered a lead e.g., name, phone, email, etc.
  3. The lead makes a purchase.
  4. Any other parameters the affiliate network sets for the specific offer.

Why Promote Pay Per Call Affiliate Offers

why promote pery per call affiliate programs

Pay Per Call is a powerful marketing technique that when performed well is capable of delivering exceptional results. Traditional online marketing work best when a lead is warmed up and ready to take action, and this is often achieved with a pre-sales landing page or funnel.

When it comes to pay per call, the lead is pre-qualified (warm) because they are prepared to make a call and speak to a sales agent. A good sales agent will provide sufficient information to the caller to get them to take immediate action, and best of all, the agent can instantly address any questions.

Reasons Why Pay Per Call Affiliate Offers Work Well:

  1. Growing Demand for Leads – The demand for quality leads is constantly growing.
  2. Mobile Web Traffic – The majority of web traffic today is from mobile devices, so visitors literally have their phones in their hands.
  3. High Conversion Rates – Pay per call publisher offers often have high conversion rates.
  4. Customer Engagement – Sales agents can actively engage with leads in real-time.
  5. High Payouts – The best pay per call affiliate programs offer highest payouts.
  6. Range of Offers – There are plenty of lucrative niches where pay per call affiliate offers work exceptionally well, such as insurance, loans, real estate, finance, travel, home improvement, and many more.
  7. Variety of Traffic Sources – There is no shortage of traffic sources, including SEO, PPC, social media, native ads, display media, and much more that work well.
  8. Global & Scalable – There are affiliate offers available for many GEOs and there are plenty of traffic sources that allow for scalability.
  9. Offline Marketing Capabilities – Offers can even be promoted offline and can be tracked accurately.

4 Best Ways to Maximize Revenue with Pay Per Call Affiliate Programs:

There are a number of different methods that work really well with pay per call affiliate programs. As an affiliate marketer, you need to make sure that you use the right tactics in order to drive traffic. Without using the right tactics, you won’t be able to generate a good commission.

Ideally, the best affiliate marketers use a variety of marketing tactics and promotional channels in order to maximize their commissions. Here are some of the best ways to generate more revenue with pay per call affiliate programs.

Before you get started, as mentioned earlier, it’s important to identify how a call qualifies for a commission. You may want to read the program’s guidelines or fine print because most advertisers provide truly clear criteria about when a call is qualified for commission or not. In most cases, this is usually dependent on the length of the call itself. Other factors also come into play, such as the region from which a person is calling. If a call goes unanswered or if it’s a repeat call, it probably won’t qualify for a commission.

There are several companies that also use software in order to track and qualify calls in real-time. They use detailed software programs in order to filter calls and use modern technologies to analyze voice responses and then determine whether a call is qualified or not. 

Therefore, you need to make sure that you use multiple tactics in order to increase interest from your visitors and maximize your income. Some companies also use the Revenue Share model, which is quite popular. In this case, they only pay when a lead is converted, instead of paying an amount based on the duration of the call.

Here’s how you can market the offers in order to generate more commissions. 

1. Use Local Advertising Platforms

If you are targeting a specific region, you may want to search for some local classified websites. These ad platforms allow you to post different offers and you can generate callbacks through those. It’s one of the effective ways of increasing exposure within a local market and getting more people to call on your tracking number.

Most marketers don’t understand just how effective this can be. If you have already joined a reputable affiliate network like Algo-Affiliates and want to increase the amount of incoming traffic, putting up ads on local advertising and classified websites is a fantastic way to increase your traffic. 

However, you need to make sure that you create an interesting ad that invokes user interest. The least you can do is to make sure that the ad is grammatically correct and uses the right keywords to maximize visibility. This is one of the simplest ways to maximize the number of calls through your marketing efforts. 

2. Proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Most influential affiliate marketers already understand the importance of search engine optimization in order to generate more interest from users. Search engine optimization is an umbrella term that focuses on a variety of different techniques that website owners and marketers can use to bring traffic to their websites. 

While SEO takes considerably longer than other techniques, the rewards speak for themselves. If you have a top-ranking website on several keywords that relate to the offers or niches you promote, you can easily optimize your website’s landing pages in order to generate more incoming calls and leads. 

There are a number of important factors that influence the SEO aspect of your website. Given Google’s latest update, you need to make sure that you start by optimizing the page experience. If your website doesn’t load up on time, it probably won’t rank high. So, all of the design and thought that you put into the UX on your website to increase conversions simply won’t matter. That is why you need to use the right hosting for your website and not the cheapest. That’s the first step.

Once you are done, you can then run through the Core Web Vitals and make sure you adapt your website accordingly. Make sure the PageSpeed Insights give you a score of 100 or 99 at the very least. This will resolve all your worries associated with hosting. 

Then, you need to focus on creating quality content that users will go through. If you already have a blog on your website, make sure you update it with quality content. One particularly important aspect of SEO is proper keyword research. If you do not do proper keyword research, you are going to have a difficult time ranking high for the keywords that really matter.

Therefore, it’s necessary for you to keep an eye on your competition, and carefully evaluate which keywords to target. Once you know which keywords are performing well, your next step is to determine the kind of content you need to create. Just search for the top-ranking results on specific keywords to know the benchmark you need to beat.

Ideally, you need to create in-depth content that offers value in order to succeed. If you are not able to do that, you won’t be able to rank high. Brand visibility is critically important if you want to succeed as an affiliate marketer. Creating quality content is essential if you want to rank high. 

Once you are in the top 10 SERPs, you can then continue to optimize and tailor your content so that it performs well. It’s an ongoing process, so it’s really not something that you can do once and leave behind. If you do not optimize the content consistently, your page will drop off in the search rankings.

3. Pay Per Click Advertising

One of the best ways to generate more incoming calls and leads is to use pay per click advertising. Google’s ad network is obviously one of the biggest and best, but there are many others out there that can bring excellent results. You will have to bid on a specific keyword and then create engaging ad copy to increase conversions. As the name suggests, you pay for each click generated. 

If you know a thing or two about A/B testing, you can use it to effectively determine what works best for your website. Once you know which copy delivers the best results, you are on the path to success. You can bring more incoming leads and get more calls. The number provided to you for use can be added to the ad copy and interested people will start calling directly. If people call without clicking on the ad, you net a commission without having to pay for a click. However, PPC requires a substantial amount of time and knowledge, so you may want to hire a specialist or an expert. Along with joining a reliable affiliate network like, you can use PPC in order to maximize your commissions through pay per call affiliate programs.

4. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is also an effective way of generating more interest and increasing the number of incoming leads. If you have a decent social media following, you can post links or numbers and convince your followers to call. However, in order to effectively utilize social media marketing, you need to make sure that you engage with your audience.

Highlight a few benefits and give your audience a strong reason why they should call. This will greatly help in improving the response and make it easy for your audience to understand why they should place the call. If people like the offer, they will jump on it! Social media marketing should be considered a long-term strategy because building a strong following is not something that will happen overnight. 

Questions and Answers About Pay Per Call

Q & A

1       What is a pay-per-call affiliate?

Traditional online marketing focuses on driving traffic via various channels to a merchant/advertiser’s website where the visitor then takes action, such as filling in a form or making a purchase. A pay per call affiliate promotes offers online but with the goal of getting the potential customer to call into a call center.

2       Is pay per call better than regular online lead generation?

Pay per call tends to have much higher conversion and ROI. When a customer is prepared to have a call with a salesperson, they are a far more qualified lead because they are more ready to buy i.e., they have reached a more advanced stage of the sales funnel. The other reason why pay per call is so effective is that a sales agent can engage the customer and address any concerns they have immediately.

3       What is the highest paying pay per call affiliate program?

The payouts for pay Pay leads vary from a few dollars up to $1,000+ depending on the vertical. Some of the top paying pay per call affiliate programs include, PALO, Live Calls Network, Doppcall, and OnCore Leads.

4       How do I track pay per call campaigns?

The affiliate program or network will track all calls and most of them offer real-time tracking and reporting. Regular online campaigns use a unique tracking link to allocate leads to your affiliate account. With pay per call, the affiliate program provides you with your own unique telephone numbers that you use in your advertising, so that each and every call made to that number is associated with your affiliate account.

5       How to promote pay per call offers?

There are hundreds of ways to run pay per call campaigns. All the traditional channels like SEO, paid media, PPC, display ads, social media and more can work. Just like all forms of performance marketing, you will need to keep testing different ads and strategies because each offer will have its nuances. Bear in mind that one of the fundamentals of sales is using the right pitch based on customer intent, and a potential pay per call customer has different buyer intent than someone just browsing the web.


21   Best Pay Per Call Affiliate Programs

1.     Astoria Company Pay Per Call Network

astoria pay per call

Astoria Company has more than 15 years of experience in the performance marketing space. Despite their name, which doesn’t really conjure up images of being a pay per call affiliate program, they are an industry leader in lead generation. The offers from Astoria cover various niches and there is a massive selection to choose from.

Key Facts About Astoria Company:

  • Commissions: $1.00 up to $350 per lead
  • Verticals / Niches:
  • Legal
  • Home Security
  • Addiction Rehab
  • Medicare
  • Auto Insurance
  • Payday Loans
  • Home Warranty
  • Pest control
  • Mortgage Refinancing
  • Direct TV
  • Solar Power
  • Life Insurance
  • And hundreds more…
  • General:
    • Astoria Company only runs offers for the US, so they may not be ideal for affiliates that have large amounts of international traffic.
    • Astoria has vast experience with real-time call tracking and dynamic phone number assignment.
    • If you plan on targeting the US, then they have everything you need to reap the rewards of this massive market.
  1. Marketcall Pay Per Call Network

Market Call

This is a well-established affiliate network that specializes in pay per call. They have hundreds of offers to choose from, plus a range of marketing tools for affiliates to use. Marketcall consistently adds new lucrative offers regularly to ensure its affiliates can keep diversifying and scaling. Marketcall has won numerous awards for being one of the top pay-per-call networks.

Key Facts About Marketcall:

  • Commissions:
    • $5 up to $120+ per lead
  • Verticals / Niches:
  • Health insurance
  • Auto Insurance
  • Credit Repair
  • TV & Internet
  • Home Services
  • Flight Bookings
  • General:
    • Reliable and reputable network that has won many awards.
    • There are plenty of offers to promote, plus dedicated support.

3.     Doppcall


Doppcall is a fairly new pay per call affiliate network, however, they already work with more than 500 brands in over 200 countries.  Most of the large pay per call publisher networks tend to only focus on North America. Doppcall allows affiliates to tap into and capitalize on the European markets and they even have offices in Bangladesh and the UK.

 Key Facts About Doppcall:

  • Commissions:
    • $3 up to $500 CPL
  • Verticals / Niches:
    • Addiction / Rehab
    • Mental Health
    • Flight Bookings
    • Hotel Bookings
    • Insurance
    • Legal Services
    • Finance
    • Roofing
    • Solar
    • And, much more…
  • General:
    • Real-time call and lead tracking.
    • Comprehensive reporting with full transparency of call logs.
    • Dedicated team for fraud detection and prevention.
    • Weekly and monthly payments.
    • Strict no SPAM policy

4.     Aragon Advertising Pay Per Call Network


Aragon has won numerous awards, year after year, for being the #1 pay per call network. Aragon has been around for more than a decade, so they have a solid track record. There are hundreds of pay per call offers to choose from with some offers paying $500+ commission. While the majority of offers are for the US, there are also offers for other countries. If you’re looking for pay per call affiliate programs in the UK, then be sure to check out Aragon Advertising.

Key Facts About Aragon:

  • Commissions:
    • $1 up to $500
  • Verticals / Niches:
  • Home Security
  • Flights
  • Credit Card Debt
  • Health Insurance
  • Credit Score
  • Auto Glass
  • Auto Warranty
  • Medicare
  • Appliance Repair
  • Plus, hundreds more…
  • General:
    • Award winning pay per call affiliate marketing program.
    • Very focused on building quality relationships with affiliates.
    • Vast range of marketing content including, creatives, landing pages, optimized conversion funnels, and more.
    • Provide personal assistance including insights into which traffic sources work best with which offers.

5.     Lead Smart Pay Per Call Network


Lead Smart Inc is another top-notch, pay per call network that has been generating leads for local businesses since 2008. They claim to be the largest pay per call marketplace in the US that focuses on repair services and minor home improvements. There are 200+ offers to promote covering every major city in the US.

Key Facts About Lead Smart:

  • Commissions:
    • $1.50 up to $100+ per lead
  • Verticals / Niches:
  • AC Repair
  • Air Duct Cleaning
  • Air Duct Cleaning
  • Backyard Design
  • Boiler Repair
  • Car Locksmith
  • Cleaning Services
  • Deck Building & Repair
  • Drywalling
  • Home Builders
  • Septic Tank Cleaning
  • Window Washing
  • And plenty more…
  • General:
    • Lead Smart was voted the #1 Pay Per Call Network in 2020 in an OfferVault survey.
    • They offer very flexible payment terms.
    • One of the few networks that provide 24/7 support.
    • To really sweeten the deal, affiliates can set up free, one on one training with the company founder and CEO.

6.     National Debt Relief Affiliate Program

National Debt

National Debt is one of the most recognized and biggest debt settlement companies in the US. They help clients to consolidate and minimize their debt with a single low monthly payment. The affiliate program is run and managed by Shareasale, which certainly needs no introduction. You have the option of running regular campaigns where leads complete a short form and there is pay per call option.

Key Facts About National Debt Relief:

  • Commissions:
    • $25-27.50 per lead that completes a 6-field form
    • $38-$49 per qualified pay per call lead
    • Up to $300 per sale
    • 12% commission for leads from affiliates that you referred
  • Verticals / Niches:
  • Debt Consolidation
  • General:
    • National Debt Relief is a highly focused pay per call affiliate program in that they only offer debt consolidation.
    • Personal debt is a growing challenge in the US, so there is a massive target market to tap into.
    • The fact that the affiliate program is run by Shareasale is a big benefit and you can have confidence you are working with a highly respected and reputable affiliate network.

7.     eFax Affiliate Program

eFax pay per call

As the name suggests, eFax provides an online fax service that allows users to send and receive faxes on their computer or phone. While you might think faxing is extinct, it is still widely used in many industries. The eFax pay per call affiliate program is managed by Commission Junction, who are pioneers in the affiliate space.

Key Facts About eFax:

  • Commissions:
    • Up to $35 per sale
  • Verticals / Niches:
  • Online faxing service
  • General:
    • eFax has an extremely strong brand presence in their vertical.
    • The eFax pay per call affiliate offers can be promoted globally as they provide local, and international numbers.
    • With some research, you can establish which sectors of countries still insist on faxes as opposed to email, and this is a great way to identify markets to target.
    • Commission Junction is one of the biggest and most recognized affiliate networks in the world.

8.     Service Direct Pay Per Call Network

Service Direct Pay per call

Service Direct began its humble beginnings back in 2006. At the time, they were a web development company, but their clients wanted help in generating leads. They switched focus and started perfecting the art of lead generation. Service Direct is very much focused on providing its advertisers with targeted local leads, so you won’t find large, nationwide, affiliate offers.

Key Facts About Service Direct:

  • Commissions:
    • $10 up to $1,000+ per lead/sale
  • Verticals / Niches:
  • Air Conditioning
  • Appliance Repair
  • Auto Glass
  • Bathroom Remodeling
  • Electricians
  • Flooring
  • Home Warranty
  • Painting
  • Plumbing
  • Lawyers
  • And much more…
  • General:
    • This is a long-standing, pay per call affiliate network that is focused on generating leads for local businesses.
    • They have some very specific terms and requirements that affiliates must follow, so make sure to familiarize yourself with these.

9.     PX Pay Per Call Network

Px Pay

PX is a highly professional pay per call affiliate network with more than 12 years of experience. They have really embraced technology to ensure they deliver high-quality leads to their advertisers. The affiliate network consists of both a public and private marketplace for advertisers and publishers to buy and sell leads. They have very strict guidelines for each niche and offer which must be adhered to. Make sure to read and understand the requirements.

Key Facts About PX Pay:

  • Commissions:
    • $1 up to $500
  • Verticals / Niches:
  • Home Security
  • Flights
  • Credit Card Debt
  • Health Insurance
  • Credit Score
  • Auto Glass
  • Auto Warranty
  • Medicare
  • Appliance Repair
  • Plus, hundreds more…
  • General:
    • Award winning pay per call affiliate marketing program.
    • Very focused on building quality relationships with affiliates.
    • Vast range of marketing content including, creatives, landing pages, optimized conversion funnels, and more.
    • Provide personal assistance including insights into which traffic sources work best with different pay per call offers.

10.  ClickDealer Pay Per Call Network


ClickDealer is a behemoth in the affiliate world especially when it comes to pay per call offers. They have over 2,000 offers you can promote in some of the biggest and most lucrative niches. To keep publishers and affiliates constantly motivated and loyal, they have regular global meetups with partners, contests, and bonus programs. As a ClickDealer affiliate, you gain access to some of their proprietary optimization technologies that can boost ROI.

Key Facts About ClickDealer:

  • Commissions:
    • $2 up to $20+ CPL
  • Verticals / Niches:
  • Sweepstakes & Vouchers
  • eCommerce & Retail
  • Dental
  • Dating & Social Networks
  • Gaming
  • Social Casino
  • Mobile Subscriptions
  • Software
  • And more…
  • General:
    • Large, established affiliate network with thousands of pay per call offers.
    • Affiliate platform/portal with a selection of useful marketing tools to boost performance.
    • Loads of payment options to choose from.

11.  Paychex Affiliate Program

PayChecks per call

Paychex is a US-based company that provides outsourced HR and payroll services. As of September 2022, according to their website, they provide their services to more than 730,000 businesses. More and more small businesses are outsourcing their HR and payroll, so the demand for quality leads is growing. The Paychex pay per call affiliate program is managed by Commission Junction.

Key Facts About Paychex :

  • Commissions:
    • $75 CPL
  • Verticals / Niches:
  • Payroll
  • Human Resources
  • General:
    • Very focused company with many years of experience and a known brand.
    • Affiliate program is run through Commission Junction so you can have confidence you are dealing with a highly reputable network.
    • Huge potential market in the US.

12.  CuraDebt Affiliate Program

CuraDebtThere is no denying that personal debt is a growing problem for millions of people. However, many of these people are looking for debt and tax relief services. CuraDebt provides a variety of solutions for this challenge and offers an extremely lucrative pay per call commission structure, plus bonuses for some offers if the lead signs up for their services. There are very few networks that offer pay per call publishers as much as CuraDebt does.

Key Facts About CuraDebt:

  • Commissions:
    • $50-$80 per call on specific offers
    • $30-$40 CPL
    • $200 bonus per signup for specific offers
    • $450-$600 CPS
  • Verticals / Niches:
  • Debt Relief
  • Tax Debt Relief
  • Debt Settlement
  • Debt Negotiation
  • General:
    • Specialists in the area of debt and tax relief.
    • CuraDebt has exceptional consumer reviews so you can be sure you are promoting a quality brand and services.
    • They are members of numerous professional organizations.
    • 20+ years in business serving the entire USA.

13.  Goojibear Pay Per Call Network

GooJibear pay per call

Goojibear might sound like some kind of cartoon character but if you are looking for a dedicated click to call affiliate network, especially mobile offers, then be sure to check them out. Goojibear makes it very clear that its aim is to provide its advertisers with the highest quality call-in leads.

Key Facts About Goojibear:

  • Commissions:
    • Up to $25 CPL
  • Verticals / Niches:
  • Finance – Credit Repair, Payday Loans, etc.
  • Home Services – Telecom, Solar Panels, Pest Control
  • Entertainment – Learn Languages, Live Chat, Astrology
  • Insurance – Health, Car, Home
  • eCommerce
  • Plus, many others…
  • General:
    • Only have offers for North America.
    • Offer a full step-by-step solution and support.
    • Committed to building mutually beneficial relationships.

14.  Palo Pay Per Call Network


Palo is another well-established, pay per call and lead generation program that has been around since 2010. They have a deep understanding of performance and affiliate marketing as their founding team all come from the industry. They also provide various technical solutions to their affiliates for free, like website builders, content creation, etc. They want their affiliates to focus on driving traffic and they will do the rest to make sure you reap the rewards.

Key Facts About Palo:

  • Commissions:
    • $37 up to $1,000 CPL
  • Verticals / Niches:
  • Legal Services
  • Insurance
  • Healthcare
  • Financial
  • Plus, more…
  • General:
    • Weekly payments.
    • Google Ads certified affiliate managers
    • They provide search performance data such as best keywords, negative keywords, best conversions, etc.
    • They offer an SMS solution to assist in achieving more conversions.

15.  Digital Market Media Pay Per Call Network

Digital Market Media

Digital Market Media, aka, DMM is all about driving the highest quality, exclusive inbound calls to their customers. They only deal with pay per call leads, so instead of trying to be everything, to everyone, they are specialists in what they do. DMM is the ideal network for pay per call publishers and has plenty of offers to promote with excellent payouts.

Key Facts About Digital Market Media:

  • Commissions:
    • $12 up to $35 CPL
  • Verticals / Niches:
  • Credit Card Debt Relief
  • Credit Repair
  • Credit Card Consolidation
  • Insurance
  • Financial
  • General:
    • Nationwide offers for the US.
    • Access to DMM’s exclusive, leading pay per call platform, which you may use to manage and scale your call generation.
    • To assist you in achieving next-level results and maximizing ROI, their sales and account management teams work closely with publishers to achieve their potential.

16.  RingPartner


RingPartner as the name implies is predominantly focused on pay per call lead generation. Their origins date back to 2013. They pride themselves on the various technologies they have created, and they were even awarded various patents through the Google Patent Starter Program. There are hundreds of pay per call offers for North America across many verticals to choose from.

Key Facts About RingPartner:

  • Commissions:
    • $20 up to $80 CPL
  • Verticals / Niches:
  • Auto, Health & Life Insurance
  • Home Services
  • Legal Services
  • Medical Devices & Services
  • Car Parts & Service
  • Appliance Installation & Repair
  • General:
    • Hundreds of offers to choose from.
    • Powerful proprietary platform for managing and qualifying leads.

17.  Live Calls Network


Live Calls Network is an industry-leading affiliate network that has been around since 2000. As a highly respected pay per call network that works in many verticals, they have some of the highest paying offers out there. With over 50 verticals and hundreds of offers, there is plenty to work with. Live Calls Network has custom campaigns that are optimized for various traffic sources to help you achieve.

Key Facts About Live Calls Network:

  • Commissions:
    • $12 up to $1,000 CPL
  • Verticals / Niches:
    • Addiction / Rehab
    • Auto Insurance
    • Business Loans
    • Business Services
    • Cruise Lines
    • Home Security
    • Hotel Bookings
    • Interstate Moving
    • Legal Services
    • Mass Torts
    • Merchant Advance
    • Mortgage
    • Plumbers
    • Student Loan Consolidation /Refinance
    • Travel Packages
    • Plus, much more…
  • General:
    • Plenty of high commission pay per call offers to choose from.
    • Personalized support and guidance.
    • Assistance in setting up integrations, APIs, and pixel tracking.
    • Weekly payments.

18.  Rehab Scout

Rehab Scout pay per call

Rehab Scout provides help for people with addictions through their national addiction and mental health network. Addiction has become a growing challenge and more and more people are seeking help. Rehab Scout connects leads with the top rehab centers in their region.

Key Facts About Live Calls Network:

  • Commissions:
    • Up to $90 CPL
  • Verticals / Niches:
    • Addiction / Rehab
  • General:
    • Affiliate program is run and managed by Commission Junction.
    • Focused purely on addiction and rehab.
    • Provide a range of marketing content and tools.

19.  OnCore Leads


You may or may not have heard of OnCore Leads but they are becoming serious contenders in lead generation, and specifically, in pay per call leads. OnCore has won various awards in recent years and even made it into the top 5000 fastest-growing private companies in the US.

Key Facts About OnCore Leads Pay Per Call Affiliate Program:

  • Commissions:
    • Up to $500 CPL
  • Verticals / Niches:
    • Tax Debt
    • Credit Card Debt
    • Merchant Cash Advance
    • Addiction / Rehab
    • Auto Accident
    • Personal Injury
    • Workers Compensation
    • Home Services
    • Bankruptcy
    • Plus, more…
  • General:
    • Live call redirection and web form leads.
    • Proprietary platform that seamlessly connects leads to the relevant service providers.

20.  Offer Globe


Offer Globe is another top-notch pay per call affiliate network that prides itself on building quality partnerships with its advertisers and publishers. There are plenty of verticals to target with their offers. It is important to note that they are very strict about incentivized traffic, unsolicited mail, and any forms of SPAM.

Key Facts About Offer Globe Pay Per Call Affiliate Program:

  • Commissions:
    • $8 up to $300 CPL
  • Verticals / Niches:
    • Legal – Motor Vehicle Accidents
    • Legal – Mass Tort
    • Debt Settlement
    • Health Insurance
    • Carpet Cleaning
    • Dental
    • Flight Bookings
    • And many others…
  • General:
    • Accept affiliates/publishers from almost all countries.
    • Founders are all former super affiliates.
    • Hundreds of advertisers.
    • Advanced analytics and fraud prevention.
    • Extremely flexible payouts including 7, 15, and 30 days.

21.  Offervault

Offervault calls

We saved Offervault for last because they are not a pay per call affiliate network but instead a huge directory for finding the best pay per call offers. There are literally thousands of offers from hundreds of affiliate networks on Offervault. Everything is neatly organized and searchable. You can also filter results based on various criteria to narrow down the choices, such as pay per call affiliate program for health insurance.

Whether you are new to pay per call affiliate marketing or a seasoned professional, make sure to visit Offervault. Instead of wading through hundreds of individual sites, Offervault will save you time and effort.