How To Get Started with a CPA Network

In this highly competitive world, everybody is always looking for a way to get ahead and make more money. Of course, there are many different entrepreneurial ways to do so. However, one of the well-proven ways to earn money is through the internet. Nowadays, everything and everybody is online, and most people participate in eCommerce at some level. A great way to capitalize on the explosion of eCommerce trends is by joining a CPA network.


If you do not know what a CPA network is, you can read about it in our previous blog post HERE.


How To Choose A CPA Network Niche


There are many different types of CPA programs out there which partner with various product and service providers from a wide range of industries. The industry niche you choose when looking for an affiliate marketing program to sign up for can make a significant difference in how much profit you will ultimately end up earning overall. Therefore, you should take some time to carefully consider which niche you want to aim for before choosing a network to join.


The first thing you should do is consider niches with which you have some experience or have a certain amount of expertise around. Since the marketing needed to succeed as an affiliate marketer will require creating written material about a subject, any experience or expertise you may have will be significantly helpful in your marketing endeavors. On the other hand, your own experience and expertise should not be the only factor you consider when choosing a niche.


Not all niches will pay you the same. Some are more profitable than others. Therefore, it is important that you research which niches tend to earn more money for affiliate marketers. One of the most profitable niches are those connected with the financial trading markets, particularly cryptocurrencies and Forex


How Do CPA Networks in The Financial Markets Niche Work?


There is plenty of money to be made in the global financial markets industry. Long gone are the days of the financial markets being only accessible to traders at big Wall Street firms. Nowadays, with the advent of the internet just about anybody is able to access the markets via your computer at home or even your smartphone. Brokers are the financial firms that provide everyday people as well as professional traders with access to the various financial markets available to be traded around the world. These brokers earn profit from charging commissions, fees and from a price spread on assets being traded.


Since the potential market for retail traders is immense, there is plenty of money to be made for brokers providing traders with a platform to access the markets. However, there are thousands of brokers all looking to capitalize on this huge profit opportunity. Therefore, these brokers are forced to compete with one another which means that they are all looking for some type of advantage or edge over their competition. This is where CPA networks come into play.


These competing brokers utilize affiliate marketing networks in order to attract more people who may be interested in registering for a trading account. As an affiliate marketer, this means you too will also have the opportunity to earn a share of the profits collected by the broker. The more people you direct to complete the required action, which could be registering for a trading account or starting to trade, the more money you will earn with your chosen CPA network. 


Why Choose Cryptocurrencies and Forex Niches?


Two of the most lucrative niches within the financial markets space are cryptocurrency and Forex. These two sectors have some of the most potential for profit within the financial markets sector. If you are looking to find an affiliate marketing niche, then cryptocurrency and Forex deserve your consideration.


Cryptocurrency markets have been surrounded by significant excitement over recent years as digital currencies have seen increasing adoption as a means of making transactions in the global financial system. Also, with larger financial institutions and various corporations now investing in cryptocurrency, this relatively new asset class has reached the next level of legitimacy. This has resulted in cryptocurrency market valuations skyrocketing to unprecedented highs. 


The rapid appreciation in the market value of cryptocurrencies has caught the attention of traders, investors, and now the general public. It seems like just about everybody is trying to get in on the action in the cryptocurrency markets. Of course, this means that cryptocurrency brokers are rushing to capitalize on this hype and are now competing with each other to attract those who may be interested in signing up for a new cryptocurrency trading account. This is why selecting an affiliate program focusing on the cryptocurrency market might be a good idea.


Forex is also another highly profitable niche that deserves some consideration. The Forex market is the global network of exchanges and financial institutions which provides the marketplace for the exchanging of various government-issued currencies. Participants in the currency market include a multitude of financial institutions, central banks, investors, traders, companies, and consumers who all have various goals and motives for being involved in the currency market. 


Being the largest financial market in the world means serious potential for profit in the Forex market. On a daily basis, there is more than $6.6 trillion in daily trading volume in this highly liquid market. With this much action, there is obviously a need for platforms that allow traders and investors to access the Forex market with the aim of profiting from price fluctuations. Forex brokers are responding to this need and are doing what they can to reach their target market of individuals looking to access the currency markets. 


Just like with cryptocurrency brokers, Forex brokers are also competing with each other to increase their market share of retail traders. One tactic Forex brokers use to compete is affiliate marketing which means you also have the opportunity to tap into the potential of the Forex markets by signing up for a CPA network focused on servicing Forex brokers.


How Do You Market for A CPA Network?


Once you have decided on your niche you will be ready to decide exactly how you will approach marketing to your relevant demographic or target market. There are a variety of different methods you can choose for doing this. These options will include creating your own website within your chosen niche, writing a blog about a topic related to the niche, or even social media marketing. Although these tactics can be utilized for any niche, choosing the cryptocurrency or Forex niche can be particularly profitable, especially if you choose a trustworthy CPA network such as Algo-Affiliates.


Reviewing brokers


If you do decide to make the smart decision of focusing on the financial trading market niche as an affiliate marketer, one option for creating a website or blog is reviewing the brokers for which you are acting as an affiliate. This type of website would be dedicated to providing readers with information on how well the various aspects of a broker’s platform performs and the services and support that they provide. Make sure to highlight all of the benefits and features that are included in the trading platform. Also, inform your readers about what type of commissions and fees they can expect to pay when trading with a potential broker. Essentially, you are trying to strike an authoritative tone in order to instill confidence in the reader which will eventually lead to new account registrations or whatever action is required for you to earn commissions from the CPA network.


Create a landing page


Another method of affiliate marketing via a website is designing a landing page. This type of web page employs hard sales pitches to entice readers to want to sign up with whatever trading platform and broker you are promoting. The content will be a hard push for the reader to click on your affiliate link which will lead the prospect to the broker’s website in order for the prospect to perform whatever actions are necessary for you to earn a cut of the broker’s profit as an affiliate marketer. 


Splash page marketing


Similar to a landing page, a splash page also aims to lead people to click on your personal affiliate marketer link which will lead to the broker’s website. However, unlike the landing page, this type of web page will not be as straightforward, hard sales pitches. Instead, a splash page will focus more on aesthetics such as engaging graphics and engaging headlines. There is not quite as much information about the broker’s specific platform’s features like there would be on a landing page. Many splash pages will also include some type of promotion, forms, or survey which prompts readers to input answers to different questions and then their personal contact information. This may include an email, first and last names, and possibly other details. 


Quiz or game page


This type of marketing web page is similar to a splash page; however, it is generally even more simplified with minimal information about the merchant broker. The web page will focus on some type of online game or quiz which will usually be somewhat related to your niche market. If you do decide to focus on the niche of the financial market with Algo-Affiliates you would design the quiz to possibly have questions regarding a person’s financial goals or knowledge of Forex or cryptocurrency. At some point, the user will be prompted to click on your affiliate marketing link which will lead them to the broker’s website. 


Social media


With the popularity of social media, it is only natural to consider using these types of platforms to promote your affiliate marketing campaigns. Usually, the best way to do this is to create a profile that can be your own personal identity, or it can be a separate business page that would focus on the financial markets or some related topic. Post interesting information and articles about your niche in order to build rapport and authority around the subject. Every now and then, you will want to capitalize on this rapport you have built with your audience and post your personal affiliate marketing link or even a link to your web page that is designed to lead the prospect to eventually click on your links, leading them to the broker’s website. 


Advertising campaigns


One potential strategy you may want to consider is actually paying for online advertisements in order to attract internet users to your web page. This may include advertising with search engines to place links to your web page at the top of relevant search queries. You could also find other relevant websites with large amounts of traffic that offer advertising spots that you could purchase. 


Advertising on social media may also be a viable option, however, you should be aware that some social media platforms do not allow advertising of cryptocurrency or financial markets trading. Others will allow it but will require additional verification to ensure you are not promoting any type of scam. Therefore, make sure to check the advertising policies of any particular social media platform that you are considering paying for advertising. 


Find the best CPA networks


Now that you have a good understanding of how to market for an affiliate program focusing on the financial markets, you will be ready to choose the best network to join. Choosing the best network can mean the difference between success and failure as an affiliate marketer. There are a few different aspects you should consider before deciding to go with any single network.  

You will want to research the commissions paid by a potential affiliate marketing program. Some will pay more than others. For example, Algo-Affiliates has been known to pay higher commissions compared to many other affiliate programs within the Forex and cryptocurrency niches. 


Another aspect to consider is the quality of the merchants (brokers) which you will be required to promote as an affiliate marketer of a certain program. Networks that partner with more reputable brokers, as Algo-Affiliates does, will generally result in more conversions which provide more potential for profit for you as an affiliate marketer.



We have touched on some of the key considerations for getting started with a CPA network. To be truly successful with CPA marketing, you need to commit a lot of time and effort to learning marketing skills and tactics that will deliver results. You will more than likely have some campaigns and channels that don’t work well, so don’t be despondent if this happens, just keep trying new methods and channels until you find the hidden gem that delivers exceptional results. Developing a clear strategy and plan is vital, just like any other business and once you get the taste for success you will realize the immense rewards of being a CPA affiliate. 


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