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Love, Bonito is the leading online fashion shop in Asia, offering contemporary and fashion-forward women’s wear that is both reasonably priced and of high quality. It is one of the most well-known as well as the biggest omni-channel and vertically integrated women’s fashion brands in the area.

It started as a small company in 2010, but they’ve soon expanded into a major brand with headquarters in Singapore, as well as local branches in Indonesia and Malaysia, and they have an omni-channel presence across all three of these regions.

In parallel to their retail lineup in Cambodia, they export globally to a total of 15 countries, including Hong Kong, China, the Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Macau, the United States of America, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, and Brunei.

The Love Bonito International Affiliate Program is a well-known and respected participant in the Ecommerce Affiliate Program industry. Love, Bonito is a women’s clothing boutique that has incredible ensembles for every event imaginable and caters exclusively to customers. One may come here to get a wide variety of apparel and accessories for sale at costs that are within their price range.

Love, Bonito Offer is a film that should be seen by everybody in your audience who has even a passing interest in fashion. By becoming a member of the Love, Bonito Affiliate Program, you can provide your website visitors with access to one of the most reputable online clothing retailers.

You may start making money off of your website by becoming a Love, Bonito affiliate and earning commissions:

  • There is a 30-day cookie on record for the user’s most recent visit to Love, Bonito.
  • You are going to receive credit for the full amount of any purchases made within that period.
  • You are eligible to collect the reward provided that the consumer purchases within thirty days after clicking on your affiliate link and arriving at the store.
  • On all qualified transactions, Love, Bonito offers a cash-back bonus ranging from 4% to 8% of the purchase price.
  • There are zero costs associated with either the application process or actual participation in this program.
  • People don’t have to pay an application fee and they do not have a minimum monthly sales quota.

Love, Bonito’s goal is to become the most considerate brand that caters to the needs of the working woman, and they are expanding the scope of what they mean by “new retail” as they go into the worldwide market.

 by Love, Bonito is designed with a deep-seated enthusiasm not just for fashion but also for 

The selection of contemporary items offered women’s emancipation. Love, Bonito’s collection offers chic items that are appropriate for home, work, and play. These include casual dresses, evening clothing, suits, shirts and trousers, and accessories. The collection was designed with a contemporary woman’s life and its major events and milestones in mind. In addition to that, they have now included a children’s department, which means that moms may now purchase ensembles for their children that are coordinated with one another.

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Love Bonito International Affiliate More Information

Love, Bonito is the leading online fashion shop in Asia. The company specializes in offering current and stylish women’s clothing that is both inexpensive and of high quality.

It was established in Singapore in 2010 by Rachel Lim, then a young college student, and has since grown to become one of the most popular sites in Asia for purchasing the trendiest clothes. Love, Bonito first appeared on the online fashion retail scene in Singapore in 2010 as a pioneering online label.

Since then, the company has been honored with a number of awards, the most notable of which is the highly sought-after SME Asia Award, which was given out by The Asian Business Journal and The Trade and Industry Association in Singapore. Love, Bonito provides ladies with a broad variety of styles to dress flawlessly but comfortably, bringing out the best in them. This is in keeping with the Love, Bonito brand motto, which reads “Empowering Confidence Through Style”.

The company has earned a stellar reputation for effectively achieving harmony between high fashion and reasonable prices in all of its products:

  • Love, Bonito exclusively collaborates with a select group of the web’s finest dating destinations.
  • They give priority to applicants that can contribute to boosting funnel awareness through a variety of channels that offer context for how Love, Bonito operates.
  • They have the right to reject any website that does not live up to the quality and content requirements that they have set for themselves.
  • Both PayPal and wire transfers are used to make payments.
  • As an alternate method of payment, we may use Payoneer or an electronic wallet if that is what you want.
  • All taxes connected with fees and commissions are your responsibility.
  • More than a hundred new styles are added to the Love, Bonito collection every single month, making it possible for ladies from all walks of life to purchase high-street fashion at an affordable price.

One may discover the trendiest, most stylish apparel here, suitable for every event, from daytime attire to formal wear. Each item of clothing and print is developed in-house with careful deliberation and attention to detail, then imbued with the team’s signature blend of a mature and fashion-forward sensibility combined with a young and carefree attitude.

The most popular online retail label in Singapore provides a comprehensive selection of women’s clothing that is sold under a variety of house labels to meet the requirements, preferences, and requirements of each and every woman.

Basics by Love, Bonito, Swimwear, Petite, Bridesmaids, and soon-to-be-introduced Maternity and athletic lines are some of the names that are a part of the collection. COVET is a collection of superbly created, fresh-off-the-runway designs, each of which is honed to inspire confidence whenever it is worn, and it is offered as part of the portfolio of brands that are owned and operated by Love, Bonito. Your audience will be pleased to see this offer since Love, Bonito is already a favorite brand for thousands of women in Asia; as a result, they will be interested in purchasing this product.

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Love Bonito – Store Description:

  • Quality: 100% guarantee
  • Designers: In-house
  • Community: LB Community 
  • Loyalty Program: Rewards and Points
  • Session: For Community Members
  • Partnership: LB Create (Global and Local)
  • Order Time: 5-15 working days
  • Countries: 15+ countries
  • PO Box Address: No delivery at PO Box Addresses
  • Tax & Duties: Will be included at the time of checkout
  • Return: Within 30 days. (T&C Applied)

Joining the Love, Bonito Affiliate Program:

A minimal amount of time is required to get up and running. Here are the specific steps we’ll be outlining for you:

  • Can my website become an affiliate for Love, Bonito?

Love, Bonito carefully selects the best sites to partner with. We value people who can raise awareness of the Love, Bonito funnel on a wide variety of media by explaining the app’s functionality. Every site is subject to review, and we have the right to reject those that do not pass our criteria for quality and appropriate material. Please read the Affiliate Agreement below for more details.

  • How to Join Love, Bonito Affiliate Program?

Sign Up

To begin promoting Love, Bonito, please create an account on algo-Affiliates and fill in the required fields (name, website url, business data, payment info, etc.).

Submit an application and get approval.

You should expect a response to your application to the Love, Bonito program within two to three business days. After you have been approved, you may begin advertising and earning a substantial commission. Obtaining promotional tools like links and banners from the control panel might save you time and effort.


After you’ve earned $100 in affiliate commissions, you may request payment, which will be sent through wire transfer, PayPal, Payoneer, or another option.

  • How do I get payment?

Our preferred methods of payment is PayPal. You may choose to be paid using e-wallet or Payoneer if you like. Commission payments may be subject to taxation, and you must pay such taxes.

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