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Merge Defense 3D 6000 Score

The objective of the strategy game Merge Defense 3D is to maintain your position for as long as possible while preventing the cubes from falling down to the bottom of the screen. In order to do this, you will need to position your towers and then assault your enemies in proportion to the strength of their defenses.

You place the buildings in the empty spaces along the bottom, and every they play, they try to destroy the squares that are in the column that they are in. The gameplay of Merge Defense 3D is pretty straightforward since it is mechanically similar to the most basic tower defense game.

The fact that you may combine towers of the same level to improve their damage output is essential to winning this game. When you download and get a Merge Defense 3D 6,000 score within 1 month of installation, you’ll get $18 in money back.

  • In the online strategy game known as Merge Defense, your only objective will be to safeguard the location of your home base. It guards a diamond that a number of creatures have set their sights on stealing.
  • In order to accomplish this goal, you will need to construct defensive structures that can both fend off your foes and guard the diamond.
  • In addition to it, the game has the popular element of merging.
  • You may enhance the level of a structure by merging two or more of the same kind of building together.
  • Aside from that, you also have the option to shop at the store and purchase additional enhancements there.

You are going to have to aim your shots not just at the blocks that are falling from the top of the screen, but also at the keys and diamonds that are protruding from the board.

Gems will serve as the repayment mechanism that you’ll have used to buy various power-ups, including such explosives that lower the health of the opponent cubes by 50%, extra keys, as well as a freeze that offers you unlimited rounds. Keys would enable you to acquire a brand-new building, and they will also enable you to obtain a new structure.

Merge Defense 3D is an engaging strategy game that, as you go through the game, becomes progressively more challenging. In general, the game has uncomplicated visuals and outcomes, which make it well-suited for use on any and all kinds of mobile devices.

Merge Defense 3D 6000 Score More Information

Do you remember how, when you were young, everyone played a game on the computer called “Turrets,” in which the objective was to defend one’s kingdom against invading monsters by constructing a variety of heads equipped with firearms, archers, and sorcerers?!

In light of this, our software engineers pondered, “Why don’t we complete this application and produce such a game for Android smartphones?” The application that we created as a result of our hard work and dedication to the project is one of a kind since it blends many types of video game play, including arcade, strategy, and logic games.

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It has been brought to your notice that there is a game called “Merge Defense 3D.”

  • First, the APK file should be downloaded from our website;
  • In the settings of your Android device, you should enable the installation of programs from unknown sources. Utilizing ES File Explorer or some other suitable task scheduler, locate the APK file you installed. This feature may be found in the section labeled “Security.” Most of the time, you may find it in the Downloads folder;
  • Launch the installation program for the file you downloaded;
  • If you update the base application but not the mod, the previous version of the program cannot be removed after the upgrade. It is possible that the installation will not finish successfully if you attempt to install a modified version on top of the original one. In order to go further, you must delete the old copy.

The goal of the video game “Merge Defense 3D” is to unravel a series of conundrums, each of which awards the player with a unique score. Using these credits, you are capable of creating a large range of different kinds of structures. Both defensive and offensive towers exist across the board for every sort of structure.

The primary objective of this mission is to prevent the adversary from defeating you and breaking through your defenses. If you are successful, the adversary will not get any points, and there will be no need for him to build up his defenses. You may improve your ability to think logically and strategically by using the program “Merge Defense 3D,” which is a fantastic tool for doing both of those things.

Merge Defense 3D 6000 Score Product Description

  • Type: Defense game
  • Genre: Strategy
  • Size: 48M
  • Latest Version: 1.36.354
  • MOD Info: Unlimited Gems
  • Get it On Google Play

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