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Roobet is an online crypto casino that launched in 2019 and is expanding quickly. You can play blackjack, roulette, slots, baccarat, and other popular games there. You can also have fun on Roobet by playing Crash, Dice, Mines, or Towers, where you can also try your luck. Roobet is unfortunately restricted in some nations. Don’t worry if you want to play on Roobet but it’s not available in your area. With VPN Unlimited, which is a component of the MonoDefense security bundle, we will demonstrate in this guide how to circumvent the restrictions.

The terms and conditions for deposits, withdrawals, tips, and the general usage of the Roobet on-site currency, the Roollion, are detailed in our Payment Policy. Before you begin playing, please read the Game Policy for the specifics, rules, and conditions of each game. Information regarding all Sportsbook betting options can be found in the Sportsbook Policy.

If you do not meet the following requirements and conditions, you will not be able to access the website, create an account on the website, or use any services that are connected to the website: 

  • You confirm and warrant that you are over the age of 18 and are of the legal age required to participate in gambling services, including games of chance, games of risk, games of skill, and sports bets, including esports, in your local jurisdiction if you are not 18 (eighteen) years of age or older. 
  • You confirm and warrant that you are a legal resident of a country that does permit participation in gambling services, such as sports and esports bets, games of skill, games of chance, and games of risk. In addition, you warrant and affirm that you are not prohibited from participating in gambling services due to legal, health, moral, religious, or psychological factors.
  • You confirm and warrant that you are in a state of mind that permits you to gamble legally while being responsible, aware of the consequences, and acting responsibly. 
  • You confirm and warrant that you do not currently have an active or banned account on the website. 

Roobet affiliate Product Details 

The refund Policy contains information regarding the conditions and possibility of receiving a refund for a deposit or bet. The Restricted Player Policy provides additional information regarding individuals and countries that are prohibited from registering on the website for a variety of reasons. You will find the specifics for each sponsorship, promotion, bonus, tournament, giveaway, affiliate, and Rooferal program in the Bonus and Promotions Policy. Last but not least, the purpose of the Roobet Chat Rules is to establish guidelines for how users and staff members can communicate on the website. 

  • The wholly owned subsidiary of Raw Entertainment B.V. 
  • The procedures for preventing money laundering, illegal and illicit activities. 
  • The collection of general customer information, and cooperation with local authorities.
  • The Responsible Gambling Policy provides you with information on gambling-related issues.

Please use the contact information in the Contact Section of this Policy to get in touch with the Roobet support team if you are unsure whether you already have an account or if you have forgotten your login information. In addition, you warrant that you will not create an account on the website if you have self-excluded from any other gambling website within the past year. You represent and warrant that you are not currently self-excluded from any other gambling website. 

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More Information about Roobet affiliate

You promise to follow all of our anti-money laundering, know-your-customer, anti-fraud, politically exposed person, and counter-terrorism financing (CFT) scans checks, and verifications in full. Additionally, our overall policies aim to cooperate with authorities in the fight against illicit, illegal, and criminal activities and combat illicit, illegal, and criminal activities. Our KYC-AML-CFT Policy provides additional details about these checks, verifications, scans, and measurements. You guarantee that you will not access the website from any of our restricted areas. 

The following countries and territories are prohibited from using the website or creating an account there: 

  • The United Kingdom
  • Australia
  • St. Martin 
  • Albania
  • Haiti
  • Iraq
  • Iran
  • North Korea
  • Myanmar
  • Nicaragua
  • South Sudan
  • Syria
  • Venezuela
  • Yemen
  • Zimbabwe
  • Cuba 
  • United States territories, including but not limited to the U

That will include all of the territories and oversea provinces of the named nations. The Restricted Player Policy contains additional information regarding the restricted regions. You warrant that you meet the conditions and agree to the aforementioned responsibilities by using any services connected to or on the website or by creating an account there. 

Curacao Government license

The Curacao Government issues the website’s authorization and license, and it operates under its authority. License No. governs the operation of the company, its website, and all of its services. You will not be permitted to use the website’s services or access it at any time if you disagree with these terms.

You acknowledge that the Company and third parties provide games and services on the website that include gambling services like games of skill, games of chance, games of risk, and sports bets, including esports. You acknowledge that you are solely responsible for any and all addictions or side effects, including but not limited to health problems, financial losses, and social isolation that may result from gambling or from addiction or participation in gambling services. 

Gambling Policy

The company, in its capacity as ambassador for responsible gambling, is always available to assist you in avoiding harm and undesirable side effects, such as addiction. The Responsible Gambling Policy of the Company provides these guidelines. Take your time before placing your first wager, as we suggest.

You acknowledge that gambling results are uncertain. If the games or bets you place do not yield the desired results, neither the company nor its third-party partners are liable or responsible. You affirm that you are aware of the possibility of losing all of your deposited, wagered, or bet funds as well as Roollion. 

Robert Affiliate

You acknowledge that the Roobet, its third-party partners, and its licensor are not responsible for any financial losses or damages incurred as a result of your participation in gambling or services related to gambling.

As a result, potential gambling losses and gambling addictions cannot be held liable for any costs, expenses, health problems, losses, or damages. Please review the Responsible Gambling Policy for instructions on how to avoid such situations.

Roobet Affiliate Program

The Roobet affiliate program enables both players and affiliate networks to join and make extra money. The Roobet affiliate program is one of a kind since it pays commissions on both wins and losses. As a result, the affiliate will continue to make money as long as bets are being made. As a player advances through the levels, he or she will earn a greater percentage of the total payout, while affiliate networks will get a flat percentage

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