What is a CPA Network

What is a CPA Network?

What is a CPA Network?

There are many different ways to make money online. You have probably seen numerous offers on the Internet claiming to be able to make you into an instant millionaire, or to earn you thousands of dollars daily. Unfortunately, many of these offers are either exaggerated or simply scams waiting to catch out anyone that will take the bait. On the other hand, one legitimate method of making money online is through a CPA (Cost Per Action) affiliate network. Let us explore this option in more detail.

What is CPA?

CPA, or cost per action (cost per acquisition), is a business model in which you are paid to drive leads or sales, through the Internet, to businesses offering various services or products. Each time an individual who is surfing the web happens to come accross your online affiliate link and takes a specific action, you will be paid. What the ‘specific action’ is can vary depending upon the affiliate program. For example, some affiliate programs will pay when somebody simply clicks on your link; others will require the prospect to fill out a form asking for personal information, in order for you to be paid. There are also some affiliate programs that require the prospect to either sign up for a newsletter or actually purchase a product or service before you are paid a commission.

What is a CPA network?

A CPA network is the third party intermediary between you, the affiliate marketer, and the provider of the service or product, which you will be marketing on the Internet. Basically, the CPA network implements the web software which monitors the actions of those visiting a site through your affiliate links in order to ensure that you are paid for the targeted action of the provider of the service or product. For example, Algo-Affiliates, one of the most well-trusted CPA networks will pay you excellent commissions to drive qualifying traffic to financial brokers, trade signal providers and other service providers related to forex, CFDs and cryptocurrencies. You will be paid every time one of your referrals does a specific action, such as complete a deposit into a trading account or carry out a specified number of trades.

Important Terminology for the CPA Network Industry

Although the terminology related to the CPA network industry is not rocketscience, there are some essential terms you should be familiar with before you begin your career in CPA network marketing.

Commission: Payments received by an affiliate marketer upon a successful conversion.

Cookies: A unique ID assigned to a user after clicking on an affiliate link to a merchant’s site for a specified period of time. This is how CPA networks determine when to credit an affiliate marketer for commissions earned.

Conversion Rate: The number of conversions divided by the total amount of users clicking on an affiliate link.

Affiliate Manager: The individual managing an affiliate program on behalf of a merchant. This person’s job is to recruit affiliate marketers, assist them and increase revenue for the merchant.

Contextual Link: A text link which is placed on an affiliate marketer’s website linking to the merchant’s website, or some type of information gathering form.

Category: The particular niche that the affiliate marketer is promoting in, such as financial trading.

Chargeback: It is the return of funds to a consumer, usually initiated by the consumer requesting their credit card issuer to reverse the charge. Since the action was never completed, the previously awarded commission is deducted from the affiliate marketer’s commissions.

Return on Investment (ROI): The amount of profit earned with an affiliate marketing campaign. This number is the revenue divided by the amount spent on advertising, multiplied by 100.For example, let’s say your marketing expense is $100 and you sell products worth $250. Your net profit is then $150. Your profit is the sales minus your advertising spend or $250-$100 = $150. Based on this, the ROI is the ratio between the net profit and the cost of investment. So, $250/$100 x 100= 250 which means that in this case, the ROI is 250%.

What Are the BestMethods for Affiliate Marketing?

Once you have chosen the best CPA network for you and your situation and goals, such as Algo-Affiliates, you will want to know the best methods of promoting and marketing with your affiliate marketing links.

Below are some of the various methods available for promoting your campaigns:

Online Reviews

One of the most common methods of promoting an affiliate marketing campaign is through online reviews. This is done by creating a website dedicated to online reviews of products and services related to your niches. Usually this will include a short introduction for each merchant and then a user review, which will generally include a final rating. These reviews will contain a link to a landing page or possibly even directly to a service provider.
Online reviewsare a common method used by the financial trading segment. It is effective because investors want to know which broker, trading platform or trading signal provider is legitimate and has the tools and services one needs to profit from online trading. The fact is, there are so many brokers and trading providers out there promoting their services, so knowing which one to select can be daunting. This is where your, affiliate / relationship manager comes into the picture. Their role is to help guide you in selecting the best offers and to match your traffic to the optimal brokers. This is an area where Algo-Affiliates shines as they work closely with each affiliate to derive the maximum from their traffic.

Landing Page

Another method of promoting an affiliate offer is through a landing page. This is a web page that will introduce information about the services being offered by the merchant. The content on the landing page is generally more of a hard sales pitch aiming to convince the reader to click on a link which will lead them to the service provider or product merchant. Upon clicking on the link, the reader will be prompted to take some type of action, such as registering for a trading account or maybe just signing up for a marketing email list. Essentially, the landing page is a direct sales page that leads the prospective client to taking a relevant action.

Splash Web Page

A splash page is different from a landing page, in that the content is generally not so much a hard sales pitch, but a little lighter in tone. Flashy graphics and punchy headlines are commonly included in a splash page. The product and service will usually be more on the minimal side. The content, like a landing page, will be aimed at encouraging visitors to click through to the merchant’s website. It could also aim to have readers input their personal information into some type of form.

Fun/Quiz Page

The fun/quiz page is similar to the splash page; however, it is even more stripped down and simpler. Generally, this type of page will include a question, with readers being given the option to choose from two or more answers. Many times, some type of game will be included in this type of web page. The sole purpose of the fun/quiz page is to engage the visitor and generate click-throughs.

Paid Advertising

You may even want to consider paid advertisements to promote your marketing campaign. This may include various types of web-based advertising, such as social media or search engine advertising. There are a multitude of paid advertising options including PPC / CPC (Pay per click), with the most well-known being Google Adwords (recently changed to Google Ads). There are hundreds of PPC networks where ads can be placed. You can even purchase advertisements in publications, radio or television. This may be something you want to do once you have raised enough capital through the other marketing methods mentioned above.

Other Methods of Promoting Your Affiliate Campaign

Based on all the above options, hosting your own website is not the only effective method of promoting an offer. Other potential methods of marketing CPA offers include email marketing, posting on message boards or even videos on YouTube. You could even promote your affiliate marketing campaign in real life by obtaining people’s contact information and sending them your affiliate link via email and smartphone. The options are endless so if you have a bit of creativity, you will find the best method of promoting your affiliate campaign. Spending a little time of popular marketing and affiliate forums, you will discover that there are hundreds of interesting and innovative ways that affiliate marketers use to get web-traffic to their campaigns.

Becoming Accepted by CPA networks

Unfortunately, you usually cannot just join any CPA network you want to. Usually, you will have to apply to join and then be admitted into the network. Each CPA network has its own criteria for being accepted as an affiliate marketer. However, there are various ways you can help your chances of being accepted by the CPA network of your choice.

The following are some things which can help you with being accepted by a CPA network.

Create Your Own Website

Although it is possible for some CPA networks to accept affiliate marketers without having your own website, it will give you a better chance if you have a website that you personally run. Having your own website gives you more credibility and will make you seem more committed. If you have extensive experience as an affiliate marketer or are a major web publisher, you can simply apply with your current website domain.

On the other hand, if you only have several smaller websites or maybe no website at all, you will want to start one in order to brand yourself as an Internet marketing professional. The website should describe the areas that you are looking to work in, such as financial markets. You should include a selection of your most applicable skills, such as SEO, email marketing, PPC or any other online marketing methods with which you are familiar. Also, remember to choose a website domain name that makes you appear more professional. You may even want to hire a professional web designer / developer to create a website for you.

Email Address with Your Own Domain

Using an email address with your own domain name will also help with appearing more professional. In other words, your email should look something like “[email protected]” Even if you prefer to mostly use another email account that is free, such as Gmail, you will still want to use this method. All you have to do is set up an automatic redirect from the professional email to the email that you primarily prefer to use. There are CPA networks that have been known to automatically reject applicants who utilize a free email address because those email services have no identity verification. Also, because free email addresses are easy to create, using an email with your own domain name will demonstrate your commitment to the affiliate marketing business.


Being honest and realistic about your abilities will be better for you as an affiliate marketing professional in the long run. Although some of the more discerning CPA networks may reject you, being honest about how many leads you are able to generate is important in many ways. For instance, if you claim you can drive 1,000 leads per month and the CPA network ends up interviewing you, and it becomes clear that in reality your experience in affiliate marketing and online promotions is exaggerated, it will hurt your credibility.

It is generally better to be honest about your lack of experience in affiliate marketing because many CPA networks will appoint a manager to work with you individually to help you with extra support in any areas that you may be lacking. Successful affiliates build strong relationships with their affiliate managers because their role is to help you succeed and they will commit more time and effort to partners they trust, are reliable and deliver on their promises. In return, having a strong relationship also gives you leverage to negotiate better payouts and other perks. It really is one of those scenarios where a win-win relationship benefits all stakeholders.

Algo-Affiliates places a huge amount of emphasis in this area to ensure you have access to their professional and friendly team, 24/7. This makes sense, since the more successful you are at promoting, the more profit you and the CPA network will earn. Therefore, honesty is generally better for you as well as the CPA network.

Be Proactive During the Application Process

CPA networks oftentimes require a phone or instant messenger interview prior to approving your application. If the CPA network has provided direct contact information, you should contact them via phone, email orlive chat. This shows that you are serious about pursuing the affiliate marketing opportunity. Hopefully, by the time the affiliate manager contacts you, he or she will remember that you are the one showing commitment to the affiliate marketing opportunity.

How to Choose a Good CPA network

With the numerous CPA networks out there offering to make you rich quick, it would not be surprising if you were confused about which network would work best for you to make as much profit as possible. There are CPA networks related to all types of niches in the market. Whatever services and products are out there, there is likely a CPA network for them. However, right now, one segment that is particularly profitable for affiliate marketers is the financial trading niche.

This vertical deals primarily with trading platforms, brokers, automated software and trade signal providers. With the recent volatility in the financial and cryptocurrency markets, many people are becoming excited about the potential for profit that this niche can provide. This means investors are looking to open trading accounts, creating great money-making potential for affiliate marketers who are driving traffic to CPA networks focused on the financial trading niche. The top CPA network for this highly lucrative segment is Algo-Affiliates, so now is the time for you to step up and join the world of affiliate marketing.


We have only scratched the surface of this vast, yet exciting money-making field. Affiliate marketing has been around for many years, and there are plenty of people who work for themselves and make an outstanding living by promoting offers and earning commissions. Affiliate marketing is not rocket science, but with some commitment, hard-work and a little creativity its possible to build a really good business. If you’re ready to get started or already an affiliate marketer looking for a great network, then contact Algo-affiliates today!