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Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs

The beauty of the affiliate marketing world is that it comes loaded with many ways to make money. Affiliate programs and networks offer a variety of commission structures that allow affiliates to promote and earn according to their needs and expertise. Many affiliate marketers gravitate towards Pay Per Lead affiliate programs, and with good reason. Anyone who’s looking to get started with affiliate marketing may come across these programs at some point.


If you’re thinking of joining a Pay Per Lead Affiliate Program, this article is just what you need. The sections below highlight what PPL programs entail, the pros and cons, and a few tips for a successful affiliate marketing career with PPL programs.


But first, let’s get into the basics.

What is a Pay Per Lead Affiliate Program?

PPL programs employ a performance-based commission model. The affiliate marketer earns a commission whenever they generate a new quality lead for the merchant. Often, this means getting the prospective customer to give their contact information. As with other affiliate programs, the terms of the specific action required are usually pre-determined. These actions may include having the lead sign-up for a particular offer, register an account, subscribe for an email newsletter, opt-in, or submit certain information.

Unlike Pay per Acquisition (PPA) programs, the leads don’t have to purchase anything in order for you to earn commissions.

Marketing and Advertising for Pay per Lead Affiliate Programs

Should you choose to join a PPL affiliate program, you will need to ramp up your marketing and advertising efforts. You must ensure that they are all directed towards generating high-quality leads. You must use various marketing methods to ensure you maximize your chances of acquiring quality leads.

Affiliate marketers who are only getting started often confuse these programs with PPC programs. Just remember with PPC, your traffic needs to click through to the merchant, whereas with PPL, your traffic needs to complete a basic action (as mentioned above) on the merchant’s site. 

That said, if you are looking to make the most of your advertising tactics, you must first identify the ideal customer’s persona. Then, determine how best you can hook them with an incentive and get them to take the specific action you require. Afterward, figure out how you will offer relevant content that adds value to them. If your audience considers your content as valuable, you will continue earning from it in longevity. All you’ll need to do is keep updating the information periodically.

Pros and Cons of PPL Affiliate Programs

Just like any other type of affiliate marketing, Pay per Lead Affiliate programs present both benefits and disadvantages. When scouting for the ideal program, you must understand both sides to make a more informed decision.

Let’s have a look at the two sides of the coin.

The Pros of Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs

  • It’s easier than trying to get sales

Convincing people to sign up for something is not such a difficult task compared to trying to get them to open their wallets and make a purchase. Generally, with PPL offers, your audience is looking for a solution to a need or a problem, for example, if they want an insurance quote and you can present them with a compelling reason to leave their details, then the hard work is done. The best affiliate marketers often incentive their viewers.  For example, you could choose to give them a freebie like an eBook related to whatever the niche is that will help them. Another popular tactic is to have them participate in a survey that includes their contact information.

  • You still earn commissions, even without purchases

Perhaps one of the best things about PPL programs is that you, as the affiliate marketer, will earn your rewards in commissions, without having to worry about whether a sale takes place or not. This is mainly an advantage if you have a large amount of traffic. If you have niched down, you are more likely to provide the advertiser with quality leads, increasing your earnings.

  • Ideal or difficult-to-convert audiences

Sometimes, you may have difficulty convincing your audience to buy any of the products you market on your site. In this case, PPL programs may be the best choice for you. New affiliate marketers especially have to work extra hard to convince their audience that they are marketing genuine products. Even then, your audience may choose to stick within certain price limits, making it even more challenging for you to level up and introduce high-end affiliate products. You only need to get them to take a particular option and leave the rest to the merchant.

  • Most programs offer multiple ways to earn

Although it’s not always the case, PPL programs often provide different ways for marketers to make money. Some may offer a secondary payout so that the affiliate marketer earns more commissions after the lead purchases. If you have significant, high-quality traffic, PPL programs can provide an excellent opportunity to make substantial earnings. You should also look out for different offers that require different information from the referral. The general rule of thumb is the more information needed from the prospect, the higher the commission i.e., if the prospect only needs to leave their email address you will earn less than if the prospect needs to complete a whole form.  

The Cons of Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs

  • Lower commissions

As already mentioned, the commissions you will earn per lead are substantially lower than they would be for a sale. While this can be viewed as a disadvantage, it can also be an advantage because you will get more volume of leads than sales, which means you could potentially earn just as much if not more than a CPS offer. Lead generation is all about volume, so your goal is to generate high volumes of traffic. 

  • Can be highly competitive

Because it’s easier to generate leads than sales, many affiliate marketers operate in this space. This presents 2 key challenges. Firstly, you will be competing for the same audience against many other affiliates, and this becomes even more prominent if you are using paid traffic sources where the costs of buying traffic e.g., PPC can become prohibitively expensive. The second challenge is that merchants will only pay for unique leads, which means if the lead was previously referred by another affiliate, you will not earn from that referral, so you can expect a certain amount of your leads not to qualify for a commission. 

How do I Find Affiliate Programs that Pay per Lead?

Like many other affiliate programs, PPL ones are usually cut across different niches. Therefore, regardless of your area of expertise, you’re bound to find a program that works for you. You could either choose to join an individual program, in which case you will have to reach out to the merchants yourself.

However, if you want to only focus on marketing and earning your commissions, you’re better off joining an affiliate network where you will also have access to multiple merchant offers and can sometimes promote multiple offers and earn multiple times from the same traffic. 

When choosing the ideal PPL program or network, ensure you’re conversant with the niche. If possible, choose your niche for affiliate marketing and stick to it. If you’re continuously generating quality content, you can quickly become an authority and gain your audience’s trust. This way, it becomes easier to get them to sign up for offers. Also, you can easily transition to high-end programs once your audience trusts your recommendations.


Before signing up with a pay per lead affiliate program, ensure that you read through the terms of the agreement and that you understand them. You should especially pay attention to what the program terms as a lead and how often you will receive your payouts.

You should also check the commission rates and whether you are okay with them. Confirm that the products you are advertising have significant traffic and that your audience actually wants them.

Finally, be ready to put in the work. Unlike the widespread belief that affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to earn passive income, it takes much work to earn significantly. Rather than take it as a side hustle, you will need to make affiliate marketing a full-time job if you want to make a successful career out of it.

6 Tips for PPL Affiliate Marketing

Well, we’ve covered most of what you need to know about PPL programs. However, it doesn’t hurt to have some tips and tricks up your sleeve. If you aim to make a career out of affiliate marketing, here are five tips to help kickstart your journey to success.

  • Go through the terms of the agreement

Most affiliates will overlook going through the details in the agreement. However, it would be best if you took the time to go through the entire document and understand what it entails. Most programs will highlight any restrictions in terms of the agreement, which will help you avoid violating any of their rules and missing out on commissions.

  • Use visual aids to advertise

Research shows that people respond better to visual aids. Therefore, if you want to generate quality leads, you should find different visual aids to use in your marketing strategy. If your network or merchant doesn’t provide the materials, take some time to create some visually aesthetic materials, including banners, videos, and widgets. Be sure to include a call to action to encourage your audience to take the action you want.

  • Use social media marketing

If you are not yet on the most popular social platforms, you had better jump on board. These platforms are some of the best places to advertise your products, considering huge volumes of people spend a substantial amount of their time there. Figure out the best platforms for your audience and ensure you leverage them to get the most quality leads from them.

When using social media advertising, ensure you’re using the right strategies. Some platforms won’t allow affiliates to promote certain products directly, and you may have to come up with blog posts or videos to include the affiliate links.

  • Always update your content

As an affiliate marketer, you will have to create content to promote your affiliate links. This may include long-form blog posts that introduce the products you’re promoting or compare them with other competitors. Ensure that you update your content every once in a while to feature the latest products and recommendations. This way, you can always remain fresh and relevant. Besides this, you will want to constantly be testing and measuring what works best. In the world of performance marketing, there is no such thing as “set and forget”. You want to be consistently A/B testing to find the perfect mix that will set you apart from your competitors and ultimately put more money in your pocket. 

  • Use different marketing channels

You cannot rely on one marketing channel to generate significant commissions. Seeing as you only need to get the prospects to sign up or opt into something, you can advertise the products across different marketing channels to get the best results. Besides social media, check what other channels you can use effectively for your audience. You will more than likely find that different offers perform differently depending on the traffic. 

  • Don’t neglect the quality

You may be tempted to compromise on the quality of your traffic just so you can generate more leads and earn more, but ultimately if your leads are not working out for the merchant, the affiliate program may block you from promoting the offers or reduce your commissions. The best way to understand the quality of your traffic is to track each marketing channel you use and then communicate with your affiliate manager to find out which leads are quality, and which aren’t. With a little bit of dedication, you will establish which marketing channels to scale up and which ones to avoid. 

Find the Best Pay per Lead Affiliate Programs 

Well, there you have it. This article has touched on all the basics you need to know about Pay per Lead affiliate programs. If you are thinking about being a lead generation affiliate, you should have a clear idea of how to go about it. Luckily, you don’t have to go through all the trouble of searching for the right program because joining an affiliate network like ATraffic is an ideal opportunity. ATraffic gives you access to a wide range of PPL offers and a huge selection of marketing tools to get you on the road to becoming the next super affiliate.